There are many areas within a building where social distancing is simply not possible, the most obvious of which is an elevator.

Elevators are a key requirement rather than luxury in the majority of multi-storey buildings and measures to make them as safe as possible within the current pandemic can create long delays or lead to social distancing requirements being ignored by frustrated individuals. Regular cleaning of all surfaces within an elevator can reduce risks, however not only is this impractical throughout the working day, it cannot prevent potentially airborne infection risks and the chances of infectious microorganisms remaining in the elevator for prolonged periods of time.

Viruses, bacteria, allergens and mould are constantly present in the air around us, with the design of many buildings and air handling systems increasing the chances of them being distributed across wide areas. A person unknowingly harbouring an airborne infection can spread the associated risk over a large area. Individuals who can be conscious of not coughing or sneezing in more public areas may be much less concerned about the same activities in "unseen areas" like an elevator which is another reason controlling microorganisms here is an essential part of any company's infection control strategy.

In offices the number of people using each elevator will increase dramatically as staff members transition back from remote working, increased guest numbers in hotels means more regular use of elevators and in every internal environment the pressure is increasing to both maintain safe spaces and demonstrate the same to users.

Daxairscience offer a wide range of products using AIRsteril technology proven to kill bacteria and viruses both in the air and on surfaces. We even have products suitable for elevators, these operate 24 hours a day sanitizing both the air and surfaces within every elevator car to remove up to 99.99% of microorganisms and create the safest possible space, many customers choose to identify this extra step to users of the elevators and this is an option within the product. From our work in many different sectors we have realised that whilst the first priority is reducing the risks to individuals as much as possible it can be equally important to highlight that this technology is in operation in order to demonstrate the steps you are taking and build confidence from users.

Put simply, if there were two elevators available to use and only one featured technology proven to safely kill bacteria and viruses around the clock, which one would you choose?

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All AIRsteril units utilise our unique combination of 5 technologies. They eliminate unpleasant odours and control harmful bacteria and viruses 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

AIRsteril’s advanced technology

DAX Airscience has already resolved a variety of odour problems in the harshest environments and is proven to be a cost-effective, alternative to other waste processing odour control options.

We utilise technology which is scientifically proven to break down odour both in the air and at source meaning it will always work. Independent tests showed an average of 78% odour reduction inside the containment building which translates to no perceivable offensive external odours. Additionally, the technology constantly reduces microorganisms both in the air and on surfaces there is the added benefit of a healthier, infection-controlled environment for all.

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