Whilst we would never purport ourselves to be experts in the food industry, we have well over 10 years’ experience in the field of controlling airborne and surface micro-organisms. This includes 5 years’ experience successfully providing these solutions to food processing facilities with successful independent field tests and subsequent product installations throughout beef production sites in the UK and Ireland in 2015. To the cooked meat industry and general food processing business in most cases we have the solutions. Elimination of specific mould and yeast spores that effect the baking industry and citrus fruit ripening processes, fruit storage in general to mention just a few. You tell us the problem and we with our laboratory testing support we will be able to identify precisely if we have a solution that will work for your business.

From the moment of first contact we consider all discussed information to be confidential, acting as if an NDA is in place even if this isn’t standard practice. This allows us to work with our clients to identify areas of potential concern and deliver the correct customised solution. Happily, as the number of customers has grown, we have gained an increasing knowledge of the latest hygiene techniques and been able to identify areas not only where our products will vastly improve the situation and be of benefit, but to also share feedback on where current cleaning processes or working practices can be tweaked or improved to ensure desired results.

We’re proud to state that we work in conjunction with every customer to ensure risks are eliminated. We would never claim our products alone are responsible for the control or elimination of a major problem such as Listeria, as we can never replace the best practice throughout, hygiene and cleaning processes, but we will always work in combination with these to achieve the required and always superior results.

“With AIRsteril we have proven that science can provide us with a ‘belt and braces’ approach in addition to our existing best available techniques. Since installing AIRsteril, our bacteria TVC test results are now consistently excellent and we are committed to keeping it that way”
“Because AIRsteril works 24 hours a day it is constantly killing both airborne and surface bacteria without any requirement for breaks in production. Due to the massive reductions in the TVC we were able to scale back the swab testing with confidence which also saved money”
Stephen’s Production Manager, Gary Luff
“We decided to install AIRsteril in our production and chill areas. We have been very impressed with the results. Since installation, our bacteria TVC test results are at an all-time low and because of this, we have recently obtained official EU approval to supply beef patties intended to be less than thoroughly cooked”
Technical Manager, Jack Grin
“Reducing the number of pathogenic bacteria is a major goal for maintaining our integrity as a top performing food supplier. The Dax technology is able to reach and kill bacteria continuously not only on the surface of the meat but also in areas where traditional disinfection is not possible due to food proximity, such as chillers and delivery vehicles. During our trial, we saw a significant and continued bacteria reduction from slaughter to delivery. I strongly believe that this is a very significant new technology for food safety when it is used properly in the right areas and it can only increase shelf life and customer safety.”
Loscoe chilled Foods

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