Guaranteed Odour & Infection Control

DAX airscience Limited was created to offer AIRsteril's cost-effective infection control technology to the meat & waste management industry. Initially created for medical uses we have adapted this technology to effectively work as an alternative to traditional waste processing odour control methods to ensure an environment that is odour free and that infections are controlled in a waste environment.

Our Clients

DAXairscience customers include:
FCC / CAREYS We Care / Langage
Cawleys / Powerday / Seneca
Veolia / Viridor / Biffa


DAX airscience provide a cost-effective method for eliminating odours and controlling infections for Materials Recycling Facilities, Anaerobic Digesters, Waste Transfer Stations just to name a few industries. We are constantly working to develop our outstanding technology and improve the quality of the air we breathe in every environment and eliminate odours.

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