Guaranteed Odour & Infection Control

Our business is based on developing innovative cost effective solutions to eliminate offensive odours and to help control illnesses and infections. AIRsteril products improve environments in washrooms, care homes, healthcare, hotels, catering, offices, health clubs, schools, airports, stations, cinemas, vets, food production, waste processing and many more.

Our Clients

DAXairscience customers include:
FCC / CAREYS We Care / Langage
Cawleys / Powerday / Seneca
Veolia / Viridor / Biffa
1stChoice / Loscoe Chilled Foods
Select Butchery / Tulip / Folye
Underwood / Millers of Speyside.



In the waste industry AIRsteril technology designed new technology to effectively work as an alternative to traditional often highly expensive Odour control systems sometimes not particularly effective. To the low cost installation of fragrance masking of odours with what are often almost as offensive fragrances but extortionately high running costs. AIRsteril also have a revolutionary new solution to the health hazards of Bioaerosols effecting so may operatives in the waste industry.


The food processing industry has used UV technology for many years but AIRsteril bought something new to the table with PCO (Photo Catalytic Oxidization) this enables our customers to have both airborne and surface continuous infection control without any need to remove product or people. In fact, it is even proven to reduce cross infection between personnel reducing absenteeism. We have laboratory testing on Listeria, moulds, and numerous other pathogens that create problems for the industry we offer an innovative inexpensive solution to replace the old traditional methods like fogging without the downsides.

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