Giving infection control

Our completed UK projects include a waste transfer station of 12,000m2 which processes over a thousand tonnes of household waste a day. They received in the region of five hundred odour complaints a month from local residents. After AIRsteril was installed there was no exterior odour detectable and all genuine complaints were eradicated overnight.

"Dave King, Area Manager for Viridor in West Sussex, said: Dax Environmental has serviced our existing ‘Rotary Atomiser’ odour control systems at several of our facilities for some time.

We are always looking at ways to minimise odour at our operational facilities wherever we can, so decided to trial a new technology called AIRsteril, an odour suppressant that avoids the need for chemicals.

The trial at one of our West Sussex sites was a success and we have since purchased the equipment and installed it at another facility.

The system has helped us reduce the number of odour complaints and has paid for itself within six months. We are now looking at rolling out AIRsteril to the other facilities we operate within West Sussex.”

Dave King
Area Manager
In our 5000 sq.m facility at Willesden we have recently installed 50 AIRsteril MT1500 odour control units. As a ‘retro fit’ they were relatively easy to install and involved very little disruption to our operations. Within a few days of completion there was a noticeable change in the odour levels in the building. So, well done AIRsteril - we are now planning to install the systems in our other waste recycling plants.

Mark Bensted
Managing Director

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