High Risk / Low Risk / High Care

It is essential for all food processing facilities to manage risks from micro-organisms and cross contamination during food manufacturing and storage. Building fabrication, production equipment design and layout, combined with best practice during each operational, cleaning and hygiene process are essential areas highlighted in the BRC requirements.

High risk, high care and low care environments differ significantly from factory to factory, and while there are many shared practices across multiple food factories, experience has taught us that every site must be considered individually which is why we always offer a no obligation site survey.

DAX airscience provides units to cover wide open spaces, improving cleanliness and microbiological control. Additionally, odours are removed as is the need for cleaning chemicals and masking perfumes. Staff turnover and absenteeism are reduced by tackling surface and airborne bacteria and viruses. Regulations are complied with, while the units require minimal maintenance and do not interfere with everyday operations.

Our technology can be used in all areas of the food industry from slaughter to storage, ensuring a reduction in bacteria and providing infection control.

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