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Scientifically proven to reduce Odours and control both airborne and surface bacteria and viruses

As the only approved AIRsteril partner for the industrial and processing sectors, DAX airscience offers guaranteed solutions to both odour and bacteria control issues.

Odour and infection control can be a challenge in many industries. DAX airscience have both the industry and technical expertise to resolve the most extreme problems or simply improve the air quality for all. Our range of products break down and destroy the causes of odours and infections with constant 24/7 systems that are completely safe.

Odour problems are common in certain industries; waste transfer stations, energy from waste, biodegradable waste, MRF’s, RDF’s, SRF’s, food recycling to name a few. Not only do we guarantee to resolve odour complaints but we can also clear harmful bio aerosols improving the environment for all.

Bacterial contamination can be a big concern, especially in food processing; maintaining best practise at all stages reduces the risks but using our technology on top of this guarantees a bacteria reduction. Extensive testing and trials have given us hugely successful results, while the design of the product means day-to-day business operation is undisturbed.


We have developed bacteria control technology with cost in mind, helping to control illness and infections in a multitude of sectors through air purification. The air we breathe is a basic human need, so it makes sense that we’d want it to be as clean and as healthy for us as possible. Our technology helps eradicate bacteria, mould, fungi, and viruses that create unpleasant odours and the even more unpleasant illnesses. We have substantial independent evidence of reductions in absenteeism of over 40%.

All our products are low energy - our technology is developed to ensure your product is kind to both you and your budget.

Our products

We offer products for many different uses in different sectors. Whether you’re complying with environmental legislation or simply want to make the workplace a more productive and pleasant place to be, we have a product for you.

We recognise that there is no “one size fits all” for the use of your Dax Airscience product, so we’ll work with you to provide the best solution for the space you have, the level of contamination and the level of sterilisation you require.

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