Waste Odours


Odour problems are common in certain industries; waste transfer stations, energy from waste, biodegradable waste, MRF’s, RDF’s, SRF’s, food recycling to name a few.

Foul odour emissions are a concern for companies involved in recycling or waste processing as well as many other industrial processes. Ensuring odours do not impact local communities is a key issue. Cleaning, filtration and chemical dosing cannot control the source of the odours whilst masking fragrances can be more unpleasant than the original problem. Attempting to mask these odours will simply not work and can make the environment much more unpleasant with the combination of bacteria waste odours, rotting matter and fragrances.

Dax Airscience have a range of products suitable for high odour environments that allows for odour control in the very largest enclosed spaces. Not only do we guarantee to resolve odour complaints but we can also clear harmful bio aerosols improving the environment for all.

We utilise technology which is scientifically proven to break down odour both in the air and at source meaning it will always work. Independent tests showed an average of 78% odour reduction inside the containment building which translates to no perceivable offensive external odours.

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