Reduce Bacteria Levels In Meat With DAX airscience

The DAX airscience Ultimate models are the perfect match for any meat-based company. Our technology is proven to reduce the bacteria found in the air and on surfaces, even listeria! We have two options within the Ultimate category depending on the size of room you have - the Ultimate unit and the Small Ultimate Area unit that allow you to be sure that you find the perfect fit for your company.

Our units can be found worldwide! One of our recent installations was at the Essex-based Select Butchery who have been supplying meat to the UK’s top restaurants for over 14 years. Select Butchery is using our technology within their production and chilled areas after seeing the amazing results provided by DAX airscience to one of their suppliers.

Technical Manager, Jack Grin explained:
"At Select, we are committed to ensuring the highest possible safety standards are met and this means keeping up to-date with the latest technological developments. We contacted Dax Airscience after carrying out some research into infection control and surface contamination. We decided to install AIRsteril in our production and chill areas. We have been very impressed with the results. Since installation, our bacteria TVC test results are at an all-time low and because of this, we have recently obtained official EU approval to supply beef patties intended to be less than thoroughly cooked.”

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