Bio Aerosols

“Bio-aerosols” is the name given to a collection of aerosolized biological particles including bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould, protozoa and their components.

Unsurprisingly a wide range of respiratory related symptoms can be attributed to bio-aerosols and they are a concern in all working environments, maintaining low and controlled levels of bio-aerosols is essential for the short and long term health of workers and visitors.

Monitoring of bio-aerosols has been increased in recent years and this has given far greater understanding.

Waste processing and specifically MRF’s are recognized as higher risk environments, the decomposition of certain waste combined with the actions of inspecting and sorting, this both increases the quantity of bio-aerosols in this working environment and the exposure of the workers to the potential risk. Utilizing PPE equipment, specifically breathing masks will always improve the situation but is not always practical with the physical demands of the work involved; improvements to the working atmosphere such as heated sorting rooms, can actually make the situation worse as natural airflow is reduced.

Initial on site testing in a MRF has shown a 97% reduction in bio-aerosols within a pre-sorting cabin over a 3 month period. This success has led to a dramatic increase in products supplied to this environment and the recent completion of our newest product range designed specifically for use within this type of location.

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