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Improving the air quality in your restrooms will not only clear odours but improve the healthcare of your staff and visitors. The AIRsteril Thermal U/V Washroom Range eliminates unpleasant washroom odours and controls harmful bacteria and viruses both in the air and on all exposed surfaces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Odours and infections are created by bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and volatile organic compounds in the air and on surfaces, which quickly can accumulate in washrooms and reach harmful levels. With every flush, toilets and urinals force faecal microorganisms into the air, settling on washroom surfaces, poor ventilation, shared facilities and people who do not wash their hands properly all add to the hygiene problem.


- Offensive odours
- Visitors perceive poor hygiene, lack of care and poor management
- Increased health risks including kidney infections, common colds and food poisoning
- Increased absenteeism and staff turnover


- All washrooms

Benefits for using AIRsteril
  • > Control bacteria and viruses in the air and on all exposed surfaces
  • > Improve infection control and hygiene standards
  • > Reduce absenteeism and labour costs
  • > Improve the environment and protect residents, staff, patents and visitors alike
  • > Clear embarrassing odours, eliminate masking agents
  • > Extend the life of carpets and soft furnishings to normal wear life
  • > Improve the care home image and increase occupancy rates
Technical Details

WT10/20/30 Dimensions //

400mm (l) x 125mm (w) x 90mm (d)

Power supply //

220-230V 10 watts (via 13a switched fused spur)

Set up //

Vertical wall mounting only. Easy marking and fixing at four points.

Construction //

Polycarbonate Moulding – Available in white or titanium look finish

Weight //


Operation //

Continuous, indicated by blue lamp. Requires annual lamp change.

Product Overview

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How Our Washroom Systems Work

The advanced technology of the AIRsteril Thermal U/V unit allows the for the control of the bacteria, viruses and moulds both in the air and on surfaces more efficiently than ever before, all of this is achieved without fans and with very low energy consumption. The custom designed thermal convection system ensures that the contaminated air processed through the unit achieves optimum dwell time in the purifying chamber. As the processed air leaves the unit, it then itself becomes an efficient cleaning agent, targeting pathogens both in the air and on surfaces.

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