Microorganisms are always present in indoor air, many germs can remain airborne for long periods of time. Airborne viruses usually become suspended in the air when an infected individual coughs or sneezes. Once suspended, air movement from thermal convection of heating systems or that generated by methods of air circulation can transport germs over a wide area. Harmful bacteria and viruses in the air are either breathed in by unsuspecting individuals or will eventually settle onto surfaces potentially spreading the contamination and health risk they pose.

Direct UV-C and Germicidal irradiation has long been demonstrated as an effective way to remove harmful pathogens, damaging their genetic material (DNA or RNA) to kill them. Put simply if exposed to the sufficient precise “UV dosage” at the germicidal waveband the microbes will be inactivated. Direct exposure of UV light to people is dangerous due to the intensity of the light, so traditionally this technology is either enclosed requiring air to pass through a sealed unit or only operated in unoccupied areas only, the obvious issue being that germs are spread from person to person in occupied areas.

The UVGI Upper room unit is designed to allow direct Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation of viruses and bacteria in the air across a wide area, without any risk to individuals occupying the area. The unit is fitted high on the wall meaning direct exposure to people is impossible, however it can still target airborne contamination across the area. “Thermal convection” describes the circulation of all air within a room, air heated by a radiator or similar becomes warm and rises and at the same time cooling air from the ceiling falls in an ongoing cycle. Taking advantage of thermal convection and the circulation of air from ventilation systems, the unit is constantly reducing all airborne germs with testing demonstrating over 99% reduction in bacteria levels.

Benefits of using AIRsteril
  • > Control bacteria and viruses in the air and on all exposed surfaces
  • > Improve infection control and hygiene standards
  • > Reduce absenteeism and labour costs
  • > Improve the environment and protect residents, staff, patents and visitors alike
  • > Clear embarrassing odours, eliminate masking agents
  • > Extend the life of carpets and soft furnishings to normal wear life
  • > Improve the care home image and increase occupancy rates
Technical Details

Dimensions //

460mm (l) x 186mm (w) x 186mm (d) – UVGI

Power supply //

220 - 240V 24 watts (via 13A wall plug or switched fused spur) – UVGI

Set up //

Wall mounted at least 2.2m above floor level

Construction //

Anodised aluminium extrusion

Weight //

5.0kg – UVGI

Operation //

Continuous indicated by blue lamp. Requires annual lamp change.

Product Overview

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AIRsteril Is An Ideal Solution


- Embarrassing odours, perceived poor hygiene and lack of care
- Poor air quality, poor ventilation and recycled air
- Infections, norovirus, the common cold and influenza
- Increased staff absenteeism, increased costs of agency personnel


- Hospitals
- Care Homes
- Consulting Rooms
- Workplaces

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