From Farm To Fork, How Our Technology Can Help

We are with you every step of the way to ensure that your product is being delivered with the risk of infection totally under control thanks to our technology. Starting on the farm our units can be installed to reduce bacteria and viruses that cause odours and can lead to complaints from others nearby and workers. Once the meat has made its way to the slaughterhouse and packaging plants, our 24/7 units allow the control of bacteria, viruses and moulds both in the air and on surfaces more efficiently than ever before. The utilisation of indirect UV-C enclosed within a chamber ensures there are no risks to those around the unit and it is safe to be used in continuously occupied areas to drastically reduce the time needed for unoccupied cleaning. Our units can even tackle the dreaded issue of listeria; prevention is the best action with something as nasty as listeria. With this reduced bacteria level the food being packaged will have a lower bacteria level leading to a longer shelf life for consumers and limits the issue of reducing selling cost due to unacceptable bacteria levels. Not only are DAX airscience’s units hugely beneficial to businesses in terms of hygiene and cost but they add a level of safety for the consumer of the items.

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