ALS Testing Of the Ultimate Small Area Unit

At DAX airscience we think it is important to back up our products with independent testing. We recently sent out an Ultimate Small Area Unit to ALS to validate the unit’s effectiveness against surface contamination of Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria innocua. We are immensely proud of the results which show that DAX airscience technology has a significant impact on the bacterial contamination of the surfaces.

A comparative trial was performed to assess the effect of an Ultimate Small Area air and surface purification unit on surfaces contaminated by two commonly isolated Listeria species.

Sterile surfaces were inoculated with a mixture of Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria innocua, left to dry naturally and stored in a cold room at -11℃ for four days with the bacterial levels measured daily. The process was performed initially with and without the Ultimate Small Area unit.

From initial levels of ~2 Log cfu/cm2 the trial recorded:
- WITHOUT THE UNIT: steady surface contamination levels with no significant variations but an indication of moderate growth
- WITH THE ULTIMATE SMALL AREA UNIT: a decrease to 0 log cfu/cm2 within 24 hours and depletion of the bacterial contamination beyond detectable levels by Day 3

The DAX airscience units were able to cause the abatement of the measurable Listeria spp. Levels within 24 hours dropped to beyond detectable levels within 3 days.

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