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One of the riskiest red meat dishes on the restaurant menu is the humble burger; especially when it’s served rare.

In response to the problem of achieving microbial reduction in food production areas, Dax Airscience developed the Airsteril Ultimate 4 which kills pathogens both in the air and on all exposed surfaces. Suitable for all enclosed spaces, the waterproof, stainless steel cased units can be easily installed and operate at every step of the process chain, from abattoirs to meat wholesalers and packaging stores, to restaurants, delivery vehicles and supermarkets, With amazing results achieved with all red meats including pork, beef, lamb and game, the most impressive have been seen with burger production. The advanced technology of the Airsteril Ultimate 4 allows the control ofbacteria and virus more efficiently than ever before.

The system uses ultraviolet light and controlled ozone technology, and each unit incorporates interchangeable lamps which can be adapted to disinfect areas from 113 to 452 cubic metres. All of this is achieved with no need for chemicals, minimal maintenance and an energy consumption of only 80 watts per unit; a truly green solution.­­

The UV technology is unique in that 100% of the UV rays are enclosed within a chamber, no UV leaves the unit at all so there is no risk to personnel and the harmless plasma produced from the Ultimate 4 unit travels to all surfaces disinfecting as it goes, continuously and safely.­

Essex based, Select Butchery has been supplying meat to the UK’s top restaurants for over 14 years.

They installed the Airsteril technology in 2016 in their stateof-the-art burger facility after seeing it in use at one of their Irish beef suppliers who have it throughout the group.

Technical Manager, Jack Gri­n explained: "At Select, we are committed to ensuring the highest possible safety standards are met and this means keeping up to-date with the latest technological developments.­­

"We contacted Dax Airscience after carrying out some research into infection control and surface contamination. We decided to install Airsteril in our production and chill areas. We have been very impressed with the results. Since installation, our bacteria TVC test results are at an all-time

low and because of this, we have recently obtained official EU approval to supply beef patties intended to be less than thoroughly cooked.”­

A bonus with the Airsteril units is low maintenance, only the bulbs have to be replaced every six

to twelve months. A two-year warranty comes with all units and can be extended.­ An attractive finance rental option is available from as little at £11 per week and is proving very popular with clients wishing to use their capital elsewhere.­­ Airsteril technology can have a beneficial effect, eliminating pathogens and giving more control against infections. It can also protect employees’ health and improve the staffs working environment.

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