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Surgical site infections (SSIs) are the second most common cause of hospital acquired infections.

The source of SSIs may be endogenous or exogenous, which includes surgical personnel, the operating room environment (including air), and tools, instruments, and materials brought to the sterile field during an operation. By maintaining a sterile environment in operation theatres, the AIRsteril system can control most exogenous infections. Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) is the process by which the enclosed area can be sterilised; killing or destroying microbes present in the air and on surfaces.

Already proven in washrooms and feminine hygiene disposal, Dax technology can also eradicate odours and bacteria in sites processing medical waste such as adult incontinence pads, bandages etc. The big benefit here is the ability to control infection as well as odours. No other technology does this safely in occupied areas 24/7.

Sterilisation which is used for killing of micro-organisms and prevention of microbial growth in air, surface of wall or floor. It is generally used in the pharmaceuticals, operation theatres, hospitals, hotels and offices and wherever required. In September 2009, the Health Protection Agency's (HPA) laboratories at Porton Down performed efficacy testing of the AIRsteril MP20 Unit's ability to reduce aerosol and surface microbial contamination.

The tests showed a reduction of airborne microorganisms of up to 98.11% within five minutes of exposure and a reduction of surface contamination up to 59.47% in one hour, the surface tests included MRSA. The full HPA report is available free of charge on request

AIRsteril is now used in ambulances for infection control between the scheduled deep cleaning programme periods.

Latest News

The rise in demand for one of the riskiest red meat dishes on the menu - the burger - to be served rare, means that restaurants and food retailers must be confident that what they are selling is safe to eat.
The Ultimate 4 is designed to reduce bacteria, improve working environment and to kill pathogens both in and on all exposed surfaces. Visit our website for further information or call Dax Airscience on 0844 247 8199
In response to the problem of achieving microbial reduction in food production areas, Dax Airscience developed the Airsteril Ultimate 4.

Benefits of using DAX Airscience

  • Eliminate odours & odour complaints
  • Reduce odour management costs
  • Comply with regulations
  • Improve neighbourhood relations
  • Protect and upgrade permits
  • Cut staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Improve carbon footprint

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21 Feb 2018
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