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Loscoe Chilled Foods

"Reducing the number of pathogenic bacteria is a major goal for maintaining our integrity as a top performing food supplier. The Dax technology reaches and kills bacteria continuously and one of the advantages of the Dax disinfection system is that it kills bacteria, not only airborne and on all surfaces, but also in areas where traditional disinfection is not possible due to food proximity, such as chillers and delivery vehicles. During our trial, we saw a significant and continued bacteria reduction from slaughter to delivery. I strongly believe that this is a very significant new technology for food safety when it is used properly in the right areas, and it can only increase shelf life and customer safety." Ian Rigley M.Inst.M, Technical Manager


H & A Recycling

"Our state-of-the-art materials recycling facility operates 12 hours a day, 5 days a week and is located on a site within the Redruth Industrial Estate close to residential homes.

We approached Dax Airscience for an odour solution, as the site had in recent times suffered from odour complaints having only a perfume fog system installed. Dax carried out a survey and supplied and installed 28 x MT1500 units and two x WR30 units inside the picking station. The units have made a dramatic improvement in both the odour and air quality within the facility which has been confirmed by independent officers visiting the site. We have been able to stop using the fog systems indoors, improving the working environment for our staff and reducing bioaerosols.

The very nature of our business is green; however, we feel the use of the latest technologies will further demonstrate our commitment to environmental improvement and protection. It will provide confidence to our customers that we are striving for environmental excellence.

H & A Recycling works closely with the UK Environment Agency who regard offensive odours as a nuisance which "potentially have a significant impact on individuals and local communities". We have invested heavily in the latest Odour Control Technology from Dax Airscience which has made a significant improvement to the air quality within the MRF." Allan Holmes, Managing Director

Powerday plc  

Powerday is one of the largest recycling plants in the UK. The site in north west London is close to a residential neighbourhood and they are expected to manage the operations avoiding any undue impact on their amenity. The proactive approach Powerday uses means that they choose to work closely with the Environment Agency, constantly reviewing the effectiveness of its Odour Management Plan and control procedures.

In building up their business over recent years, Powerday has examined various potential solutions to manage odour. Some have been expensive to operate with only marginal benefits. Due to this they have continued to search the market for a cost effective and practical solution. Thankfully, they have now found one.

"In our 5,000 square metres facility at Willesden, we have recently installed 50 AIRsteril MT1500 odour control units. As a 'retro fit' they were relatively easy to install and involved very little disruption to our operations. Within a few days of completion there was a noticeable change in the odour levels in the building. So, well done AIRsteril - we are now planning to install the systems in our other waste recycling plants." Mark Bensted, Managing Director 

Langage AD (UK) LLP

Located in the beautiful countryside of Devon, Langage Farm AD (Anaerobic Digester) is not your typical waste station, it is a part of an award-winning closed loop system consisting of Langage AD, Langage Farm and Langage Dairy Products. It was designed and built with animal welfare and intentional soil management at its heart. The farm grows lush grass to feed its jersey herd It then produces the rich jersey milk which is turned into many of their award-winning dairy products. Wastes from both the product outlets and the dairy produce factory are brought back to the AD plant to produce power, heat and fertilisers. Being located just outside the city of Plymouth, odour management is key to their operation, ensuring they do not receive complaints from employees and the general public.

"Since the installation of the Dax System, we have not had a complaint. Dax systems now treat our 3,000-cubic metre processing hall and also keep our office areas smelling presentable. Well done for the system, we thought nothing would do it." John Deane, Environmental Resource Manager


Viridor UK provides recycling and recovery services to residential and commercial customers. They offer a wide range of recycling treatment technologies to include advanced and standard materials recycling facilities, mechanical biological treatment plants, composting, and household waste recycling centres. Using the waste collected, they are then able to transform as much material as they can into high quality recyclates for re-manufacturing. They then recover energy from the non-recyclable, residual wastes using anaerobic digestion, gas extraction and thermal technologies to offset fossil fuel-based generation.

"We are always looking at ways to minimise odour at our operational facilities, so decided to trial a new technology called AIRsteril. The trial at one of our West Sussex sites was a success and we have since purchased the equipment and installed it at another facility. The system has helped us reduce the number of odour complaints and has paid for itself within six months. In one site in 12 months we saved £6,000 in aroma chemical costs." Dave King, Area Manager, West Sussex  

A Major UK Beef Manufacturer

Dax Airscience and AIRsteril recently performed a study with a major UK beef manufacturer resulting in some of the most positive and revealing impacts of the technology used at Dax. By taking samples of carcasses at different intervals: fresh, loaded for delivery and chilled, a comparison was made on the amount of bacteria at each point. It came as no surprise that by using the AIRsteril technology, the TVC (total viable count) significantly reduced and maintained a far lower count.


Latest News

The rise in demand for one of the riskiest red meat dishes on the menu - the burger - to be served rare, means that restaurants and food retailers must be confident that what they are selling is safe to eat.
The Ultimate 4 is designed to reduce bacteria, improve working environment and to kill pathogens both in and on all exposed surfaces. Visit our website for further information or call Dax Airscience on 0844 247 8199
In response to the problem of achieving microbial reduction in food production areas, Dax Airscience developed the Airsteril Ultimate 4.

Benefits of using DAX Airscience

  • Eliminate odours & odour complaints
  • Reduce odour management costs
  • Comply with regulations
  • Improve neighbourhood relations
  • Protect and upgrade permits
  • Cut staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Improve carbon footprint

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